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Anglican Igbos in Diaspora, in London lunches Igbo Church

The news of the lunching of the ‘Anglican Igbo Church’ has spread like a wildfire amongst Igbo indigenes, in United Kingdom.

The inaugural church service, first of its kind in United Kingdom, starts off, at its temporary venue, All Saints Church, Church Street, Edmonton, London N9 9AT, on Sunday 7th November, 2010.

At the Steering committee/the planning committee, which met on Sunday, to put final touches to this event, the spokes person for the group, Venerable Amatu Onundu Christian – Iwuagwu, confirmed that the service is going ahead as planned, has received the blessings of the host priest, Rev Stuart Owen, the Bishops of Edmonton as well as Willesden, the Nigerian Chaplaincy, Dioceses of London and Anglican Communion.

The service which will be conducted in Igbo language, using ‘Ekpere Na Abu’ , Igbo Bible, in traditional Nigerian Igbo way, and will starts off at 3.00 – 4.30 pm and there after, every 2nd Sunday of the month. According to Venerable Amatu, the feedback, based on the publicity in Ben television, leaflets dropped at strategic points, restaurants, African shops and words of mouth, there are over 3000 Igbo Anglicans living in London alone and many of them are expected to attend with their families, friends and relations.

The invitation to this inaugural service has been extended to Nigerian communities here in London, associations, town unions, non-Anglicans/other Nigerians, who are expected to turn out with their families, friends, and relations.

The order of service is published as follows:

Processional – Abu maka nmalite

Abu 224 – Guzo, guzoro Jizos

Gradual – Abu maka ogugu ozioma

Abu 196 Jizos nakpo anyi n’ebili

Abu oge Oriri nso

Abu114 – Ugbu a nna necheta ihu n’anya

Abu 1 – Nso, Nso, Nso

Abu 117 – Bia n’okwukwe n’araru onye nweanyi

Abu 115 – Jehova bu onye n’azum

Post Communion

Abu 14 – N’aha nke Kraist Jizos

Withdrawal hymn: Abu nmechi

Abu 154 – Otuto diri Chukwu ni’ho luru

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